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Best weight loss tips

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Cancer research breakthrough

Cancer research breakthrough

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Turmeric or Indian saffron

Turmeric or Indian saffron

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Mesothelioma lung cancer

Mesothelioma lung cancer

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Organic food information – check the facts

Organic food information – check the facts

Organic food information? Do we really know what is in the food we eat? Let’s take a look at the benefits of organic food.

It’s no secret that many food producers, in order to achieve ever-higher yields and, consequently, cash income, use a large number of pesticides that are hazardous to health. The apple produced in this way is beautiful, but even after washing, it can also contain more than 30 different pesticides. This can be good news for their bank accounts, but certainly not good for our health.

Since World War II, to date, food quality is definitely far below the required level. For example, the level of vitamin C in today’s vocal is not the same as it was 60 years ago. It should not be forgotten that various hormonal agents and antibiotics that are given to animals for human consumption are also very harmful to your health.  Pesticides and other chemicals are associated with many diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, allergy, obesity … With the introduction of poisons in the body, it is quite normal to expect various reactions in the body.

All this is a sufficient reason to be informed and get the basic organic food information.

Organic food information

Organic food is produced in ecologically clean and healthy soil, in a clean environment and without the use of chemicals. Only so-produced foods can be called healthy foods and provide us with what our body needs for normal and healthy functioning. Not so long ago it was pointless to talk about it because there was no other food. Therefore, today we must not forget what nature is preparing for us and what a person is in chemical laboratories.

It is known that organically produced foods contain up to 50% more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, the taste, smell, and quality and healthy organic food differ significantly from pesticide food. Therefore, if you are concerned about your health and your family’s health, you should opt for organic food, and once you get used to it, you will never return to massively produced and unhealthy fruits, vegetables and meat without real taste.

Of course, in the beginning, you will find problems that are with the availability and price of organic food. However, if you search in the markets and in the surrounding villages, you will find quality, fresh and fragrant products created by mother nature.

How to recognize organic food?

Today, it is difficult to distinguish between GMOs in GMOs, organic and natural or healthy foods. Everything seems to be quite confusing, because of the wide range of similar products and because of unclear explanations on the labels of the products themselves.

The label “100% organic food” means that all ingredients in the product must be completely organic. The term “organic food” means at least 95% of pure organic food in the product. The term “foods with organic ingredients” means – at least 70% of organic food, but there is no seal for healthy organic food. Both 100% and 95% organic label products should be sealed by an official health organization.

gmo organic food information
Organic food information – GMO

These four explanations are a prerequisite for identifying organic products in stores. The beginning of the definition of organic food is based on the interest of consumers for organic food that is not chemically treated, using pesticides, and so on. Such foods are purchased directly from breeders. The increase in demand for organic food has also increased the number of breeders of such products who have regular inspection control of their products in order to retain the organic food producers’ certificate.

Certification does not exist as a condition for the size of a farm on which organic or organic foods are produced, but due to the aforementioned types of such foods, the limit of the ingredients in the product is expressed as a percentage. Organic foods mainly include fruits and vegetables, but the term is also used for foods of animal origin if the animals are reared and fed in a healthy and natural way. There are specialized eco-friendly markets in Europe and America.

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Ecological rules

In order for some vegetables to be considered ecological, they must be raised according to the following rules:

–       Pesticides, herbicides and similar agents must not be used during cultivation

–       Not using chemicals in the field for growing organic food for at least  three years

–       The field must be clearly separated from the field where chemicals are used

–       The problem of pests is resolved naturally by means of baits and traps or using animals that are natural enemies of pests Rules for organic food of animal origin: there must be no growth hormone in animal feed, as well as any medicines and artificial resources.

know what you eat
Organic food information – tomato

Organic production in the European Union is prescribed by strict regulations that have been supplemented and changed over time with the development of ecology. Currently, European Union legislation requires that organic food of plant and animal origin is designated as the EU organic production logo.

Organic food information.

The label also has to have the code number of the certification body certified by the manufacturer of organic food. The above strict rules exist to maintain the quality of the organic food. By conserving such foods, the level of toxins in the body decreases. In classical agricultural production there are too many toxins in the form of pesticides and various metals that favorably affect the durability of foodstuffs, but they certainly adversely affect the overall health of people. Some of these foods increase the risk of various diseases such as cancer. That is why you need to know your organic food information.

Foods produced in an environmentally friendly manner contain much more nutritious ingredients such as proteins, vitamins C and minerals. The advantage of organic in relation to non-organic foods is specifically explained in one expert scientific report: organic food contains 27% more vitamin C, 21% more iron, 29% more magnesium, and 13% more phosphorus than non-organic foods.

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