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Basic skin care to feel pretty every day

Basic skin care to feel pretty every day

Basic skin care is what every young vibrant male or female must tend to. It makes no difference if it`s summer or winter, your skin must be perfect.

It goes both ways to get your basic skin care. What we consume through eating or drinking, reflects on our skin.

That being said, you should know that eating fatty food, smoking, drinking alcohol, lot`s of coffee, can have a devastating result on your appearance.

Today we will write about how to have a basic skin care for your face and your body.


This period is the best for your skin. You are still young and you don`t have any problems with your skin. Girls at this age tend to have some acne and pimple problem.

There are a lot of cosmetics products that will help you during long hours at the beach. Use good sunblock cream, because sun exposure will dry your skin. Hormonal disbalance can also lead to getting scars and other complications.

Therefore, dermatologist James Vivian advice to use proper skin cream. It is also necessary to regularly clean your face, at least twice a day. As a basic skin care routine put sunscreen every time you go out during the summer. It doesn`t matter if you don’t go to the beach. Use sunscreen when you go out for coffee during the day.


In this decade, the first signs of aging appear, such as wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, and the increased pores that we haven’t noticed before.

You will need more time to make a basic skin care than a decade ago.

Dermatologist James Vivian explains that these changes are a consequence of recurrent muscle movements such as laughter, fading, and sun damage caused in our childhood. Also, Vivian emphasizes that brown stains and redness often begin to appear just in the 30’s, creating uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

With the established regimen we used in the 20’s, now skin care needs to include peeling, but also specially designed skin creams that you respond to. Vivian also advises using a nutritious night cream, that you`ll choose after consulting your dermatologist.


This is the time to invest in products with active ingredients that help hydrate and keep your skin healthy. Due to the reduction of natural production of collagen and elastin, as well as naturally your skin becomes more dehydrated, you lose the volume under the eyes and cheeks.

Dermatologist James Vivian advises you to continue with the beauty routines you learned in the previous decades and use them in the decades that follow. But now, in your daily care, also include the preparations that are geared to certain problems you have experienced.

Also, the dermatologist advises increased vitamin A intake and investment in quality serum that helps stimulate the natural skin quality of your face.

Dr. Vivan emphasizes that skin texture with most women in these years changes, so consider new and different products and treatments if you notice that your skin is looking for a change.

We have divided this section into three parts: Cleansing, Caring, and Protection. They will give you some tips on how to have a basic skin care.


oil and towelThe basic reason for cleaning the body is to remove dirt and sweat to keep the skin clean and healthy and prevent the unpleasant odor of the body. Showering and bathing also play an important part in our overall well-being, helping us feel refreshed, rested and relaxed.

Powerful hygiene awareness, combined with today’s active lifestyle, increased the frequency of cleansing. Excessive exposure to water, as well as to heavy cleaning agents, can dry out the skin and weaken its protective function. The following cleaning tips will help keep your skin healthy:

– Reduce bath time and water temperature: hot water and long showers remove the oils from the skin.

– Choose a product that is soft and gentle for your skin

– Prefer to dry your skin by gently touching a towel to the body, rather than rubbing, to maintain a certain amount of humidity (oil preparations are most effective when applied to a moist skin).

– Hydrate your skin well after cleaning.

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Care products will hydrate and restore the skin, protecting it from drying out. Skin hydration not only increases its water content, it also protects it and promotes proper skin retention (a process that removes the skin from dead cells), leaving it smooth, soft and comfortable.

pretty girl make upCaring products can also be used to solve and treat certain skin problems, aside from that it will give you some basic skin care. For example, very dry skin is caused by impaired skin function. Care preparations can help solve this problem by repairing missing lipids.

They should be applied after cleansing because the cleansed skin absorbs the active ingredients better. Regular hydration after bathing will help keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Choose a body hydration product that:

– Its made for a specific type of skin (yours)

– Solves any specific problems, such as atopic dermatitis

– It is thoroughly tested and, in an ideal situation, proven to be suitable for sensitive skin



waterfall in the summerSunlight has many positive effects on the body: it increases our vitality and well-being, promotes circulation and metabolic processes and activates the production of vitamin D. But, we only need a small dose.

Sunscreen needs to be applied after or instead of the usual moisturizing creams.

Apply enough sun protection before the skin has enough time to absorb the active ingredients. Periodically repeat the application or as indicated on the box.


Daily skin care for each type of skin is required for proper cleansing preparations. If you go to the gym, make sure you repeat the daily regiment after the shower.

Face and body scrubbing must be the first treatment to make to remove dead skin cells, bladder, and clogged pores. Sores and sunbeds caused by the loss of collagen will be less pronounced and the skin will be firmer and smoother.

winter skin carreLight moisturizing cream will help the skin to relieve the adverse effects of sun, sea or chlorine and will also provide you with the basic skin care.

Basic skin care should be given to feet that are full of thick skin after the summer. If you are able to go to a pedicure in a beauty salon, it will provide your feet with the best wellness and make them ready for autumn footwear. However, if you decide to make a foot care at home, first make a peeling, then remove the dull skin during the shower breaks and apply a moisturizing cream after the shower, which will nourish and soften them.

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