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Cancer research breakthrough

Cancer research breakthrough

Cancer research breakthrough

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved an effective but fundamentally expensive drug against one type of cancer.

In America, the use of Kymriah is approved for patients suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, primarily children and people under 25 years of age, who have not responded to standard therapy.

The CAR-T method aimed at strengthening the immune cells of the patient, cures, according to the latest data, 82 percent of patients. However, the patients later realized that it will cost them $ 475,000.

However, this amount is even lower than that expected by doctors and health professionals. A study by the British National Institute of Health reports that the CAR-T therapy costs $ 680,900.

The problem is that there are currently only 13 hospitals in the United States specialized in the new treatment method. Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, who issues medicine and therapy, was very cautious in selecting such centers, experts said.

They state that it is dangerous to deal with clinics that do not meet the highest criteria and who have not been able to apply the method, as this would increase the risk of complications, including the death of the patient.

The treatment method was approved under the code “CLT019” and the manufacturer, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant “Novartis AG”, called it “Kimry”. It is a form of immunotherapy known as the “CAR-T” method.

Clinical trials have shown that this procedure significantly increases the chances of survival of children and young people who have an aggressive form of leukemia. In December of last year, “Novartis” presented data from clinical studies showing that in 82% of patients treated with the CAR-T method, acute lymphoblastic leukemia – aggressive carcinoma of the blood was stopped.

A patient who is treated with this new method first goes through a procedure similar to dialysis to remove T cells from the blood, which lasts about 24 hours. The T cells are then frozen at the Novartis lab in New Jersey, where they are genetically modified, enriched with molecular “warheads”, and thus trained to “hunt” cancer cells in their blood.

Enhanced T cells are multiplied in the laboratory until their number reaches more than one million. Then they return to the blood and organism, and they begin to destroy the cancer cells.

The entire cycle lasts for 22 days.  Seven days before the infusion, the patient receives chemotherapy that reduces the number of cancerous cells in the blood and weakens the patient’s immune system so that the new T-cells can reproduce as much as possible, according to scientific portals.

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