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How to lower blood pressure instantly in an emergency

How to lower blood pressure instantly in an emergency

How to lower blood pressure instantly in an emergency?

Symptoms of high blood pressure are barely visible or none at all. Blood pressure levels have an impact on the entire body and our behavior – it may be normal, or it can be too high or too low.

High blood pressure is usually higher than the standard 120/80 mmHg, but it depends on the condition of each person and is actually quite a relative term. The blood pressure varies depending on the activity, age, medication and health status.

Normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg

Two values are measured when the blood pressure is printed. The upper value represents the moment when the heart is squeezed, while the lower value occurs during the rest of the heart between the two strikes.

High Blood Pressure is considered a value of 140 mmHg or more (for the upper value), ie 90 mmHg or more (below). At elevated blood pressure, both values are usually elevated. If you have high values, you need to know how to lower the pressure.

Symptoms and consequences of elevated blood pressure and tips on how to lower blood pressure instantly in an emergency.

About 90% of people with an elevated blood pressure cause are unknown. In most people, elevated blood pressure does not cause any symptoms.
People with high blood pressure may have symptoms of a headache, nasal bleeding, dizziness, and fatigue, but these symptoms also occur in people who have no problems with the pressure.

It is therefore important to measure blood pressure regularly to know how to lower blood pressure instantly in an emergency.

People with hypertension suffer a greater risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease, stroke, and death. It is therefore important that the pressure is measured precisely.

Blood pressure control

blood pressureArterial pressure can be increased in several ways. The heart can pump the blood with greater power and thus expel a larger amount of blood at each tick. Another possibility is that large arteries can lose their elasticity and become rigid and do not spread enough when the heart drains through them.
Because of this, the blood at each heartbeat pulses with greater force and then the pressure increases.

Blood pressure increases due to nerve or hormonal stimuli or to increase the total fluid circulating in the bloodstream. This happens in some kidney diseases when they are not able to extract enough salt and fluid from the body. The volume of blood in the body increases and the consequence is an increase in blood pressure.

Patients may have an artificial high pressure if they are nervous when measuring the pressure at a doctor’s office or if they are rushing to arrive somewhere in time. For proper blood pressure measurement, you have to be relaxed for at least 15 minutes and sit with your back and neck stretched and backed up.

how to lower blood pressure instantly in an emergency

How to lower the pressure?

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, these tips can help you keep your blood pressure stable and thus reduce the chance of a stroke.

Reduce your weight

Excess pounds burdens your body muscles, but also your heart, and thus triggers clenching with stiff blood vessels. Loss of pounds can significantly reduce your blood pressure and stiffness of the arteries that increase the pressure.

Work out
Aerobics, Pilates, and yoga are excellent exercises to encourage body circulation and better heartbeat. Walking, dancing and swimming can help to reduce your weight and lower your pressure. Turn off the TV, computer, and go out more often.

Sleep 8 hours a day

Many people who suffer from insomnia are suffering from excessive pressure. An easy way to lower the pressure is to sleep. Build your lifestyle and ensure at least 8 hours of sleep every night. If you can not fall asleep, the trick is to have a hot shower before bedtime. Inhaling vapors helps in opening the sinuses and facilitating breathing, which improves the quality of sleep but also the blood pressure.

Reduce the intake of alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee

More than two alcoholic beverages per day can cause high blood pressure. To lower it, be cautious when drinking – one for women for a day, and two for men.
Likewise, cigar smoking encourages nerve activity, which boosts the pumping of the heart. Smoking damages your arteries and makes you less flexible, even ten years after the last cigarette was smoked.

Caffeine can raise blood pressure up to 10 points in people who do not drink coffee regularly but also increase stress-induced blood pressure. If you drink coffee regularly, even six cups of coffee or black tea a day will not increase the risk of elevated blood pressure. A study of over 150,000 people has shown that regular tea or coffee lowers blood pressure.

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Improve your diet

blood pressure cause heart problemsAvoiding fast and fatty foods, as well as changing dietary regimes, is the best way to lower your blood pressure. Fruits and vegetables contain flavonoids that significantly reduce blood pressure.
These are foods that positively influence high-pressure regulation:

white and red onions
dark chocolate
linseed oil
olive oil
Apple cider vinegar
red berry fruit
foods rich in potassium

How to lower blood pressure instantly in an emergency

Increased blood pressure is a modern disease and every man will find himself in a situation where his blood pressure is elevated. In these situations, it is necessary to relax the muscles as quickly as possible.

Below, you have two tips on how to lower blood pressure instantly in an emergency.

1. Lightly put the tip of your finger on the line behind your ear to the middle of the key bone. Do not press or massage, but walk gently from the top to the bottom of the area. Repeat this on both sides by 10 times.

2. Place your fingertips on the face at the level of the ears at a distance of half an inch from the nose point. Massage this point one minute on each side of the face. No matter in which direction, it is only important that you have a sense of pressure at a certain point.

After massaging these points, the pressure should fall.

Drug Therapy

Any person with high blood pressure can achieve control of their own pressure by using one of several types of medication, but the treatment of each individual patient should be individual.
Treatment is most effective when there is good co-operation between patients and doctors and when planning with doctors.

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