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Lose your weight in only one week

Lose your weight in only one week

Lose your weight and start feeling great again. If this is the thing that has been troubling you, then this is the text you need to read.

The first thing you need to understand is that losing weight is a lifestyle, not a trick.

You need to change your diet and start exercise more often. Bellow, you will find 10 tips on how to lose your weight in only seven days. Remember, after that period you will need to have a balanced diet plan or you will gain the pounds that disappeared in the first week.

The average person spends 2500 calories a day, that is if he does not want to become fatigued or to lose weight. If you enter 1000 calories per day, by introducing an additional activity or sports you need to spend 500 calories. In that way, you will spend 2000 calories of fat stocks, which should result in a loss of 5 pounds in seven days.

If the numbers do not mean a lot to you and you still want to try to lose your weight, then the following 10 suggestions can help.

1 – Loss of 10 pounds in seven days will cause stress in your body, so you should visit a doctor who will advise you which multivitamins to take that will compensate for the loss of nutrition due to reduced food intake. This is very important because good health is the most important thing.

2 – Don’t drink alcohol. It has a lot of sugars in him and also affects your blood pressure. Carbonated drinks must also go. Switch to freshly-squeezed fruit juices, and herbal teas. You bad combocan drink black coffee, as long as you don’t put artificial sweeteners in it. Drink a lot of water. It has 0 calories and will help you if you feel fatigued or sleepy.

3 –  Drink good multivitamin. Since you eat less and exercise more, your body needs extra good nutrition if you want to lose your weight.

4 –  Reduce salt intake. Because of the salty food in the body, your body accumulates more water, so you should use some other spice to make the food taste, eg fresh lemon.

Lots of salt in your diet can cause high blood pressure. It should be reduced even more during the winter when you don’t sweat too often.

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5 –   Adjust your diet. Limit your calorie intake to up to 1000 per day if you want to lose your weight. Eat more fruits and vegetables and completely exweight loss dietpel sweets and greasy foods. The calorie table will help you. Align this entry all day long. Do not skip meals rather than adjust foods to your diet. Also, do not eat fried food. During the diet you have to eat, it is only important that you eat low-calorie food. 

6 –  If you think that you drink a lot of water, drink some more. It is one of the basics of nutrition school. It will help you to lose your weight as well as keeping you healthy.

7 –  Walk. With the nutrition change, you need to increase the level of activity if you want to lose your weight. Walk around town, shops, stairs, parks…

8 –   You have to spend an hour with some moderate intensity sport, at least an hour a day. It do sports if you want to lose your weight in one weekcan be rolling, running basketball, soccer, beach volleyball, fast cycling, aerobic step … Let your goal be 500 calories, and decide for yourself whether you’ll be doing two hours a day with moderate activity or you will choose a shorter activity for a shorter time. It is one of the most important activities that you will do during the lose your weight period.

9-    Do not become obsessed with statistics. Weigh yourself once a day at the same time, the best time is in the morning after going to the toilet but do not become discouraged if the scale is standing. However, check your diet, maybe you may enter some hidden calories somewhere.

10 –   Reward yourself. Massage, a new hairstyle or some other beauty treatment will help you move further and to stick to your program.

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