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Turmeric or Indian saffron

Turmeric or Indian saffron

Turmeric or Indian saffron, a plant species belonging to the Zingiberaceae group, from whose roots the eponymous spice is obtained with an aromatic pungent, tasty, resinous taste.

Dried turmeric develops a taste of orange and ginger, with a pungent, bitter and muscular taste. In Indian dishes with beans, potatoes, and vegetables, dishes with fish, lamb, and poultry is an unavoidable spice.

With a pleasant smell, it gives a golden color to the dishes, and there are more names like Indian saffron or yellow root. Throughout history it has been used as a spice, paint for materials and as a medicinal product.

If you see the product declaration in the list of ingredients, an additive in the E100 diet, do not worry, it’s a name for the natural curcumin color. The yellow color of the root makes it a frequent replacement for the expensive saffron, it is also one of the main ingredients that are responsible for the yellow color of curry powder.

The energy value of 100 gr. minced turmeric is 354 kcal1481 KJ. It contains 65% carbohydrates, 8% protein and 10% fat. The minerals contain calcium 183 mg, iron 41.5 mg, magnesium 193 mg, phosphorus 268 mg, zinc 4.4 mg, copper 0.6 mg, manganese 8 mg. and selenium 4.5 mg.

Curcuma is an exceptionally medicinal herb and has been used for more than 5000 years. The active ingredient in curcumin is curcumin, which even in very low concentrations has a healing effect.

It is primarily known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Antioxidants prevent the harmful effects of radicals on healthy cells in the body, which can lead to the appearance of many serious illnesses.

Thanks to this feature, they prevent cholesterol oxidation by protecting blood vessels from damage and plaque accumulation that can lead to brain or heart attack.

The anti-inflammatory effect of Curcuma is equally the same as in some anti-inflammatory drugs without any toxic effect.

A new study by Australia scientists reveals that turmeric has a great impact on memory and can improve it in an hour. The active ingredient in curcumin has a great influence on brain health and congenital functions.

Previous studies have shown that people who regularly consume curcumin feel positive changes in their health for several months. Only one year of regular consumption is sufficient for a significant reduction in cardiovascular disease.

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